Kodak ScanMate i940 Scanner Official Partner Price

Warranty : 3 Years Warranty
With the compact Kodak ScanMate i940 Scanner, collecting, managing and distributing information is simple and desktop friendly. It moves valuable information from paper into your workflow quickly and intuitively.

Compact size takes up less desk space.
USB-powered for scanning on-the-go.
With Alaris Smart Touch technology you can perform up to twenty different scanning tasks with the push of a button — including creating PDFs, attaching documents to e-mails, or sending scanned files to Cloud services.
Scans office paperwork and ID or credit cards.     
  • Rated speed: 20 ppm @ 200dpi, B&W Colour
  • Recomended Daily Volume: 1000 pages/ Day
  • Document Feeder: 20 Sheet A4/F4
  • Smart Touch, Can with USB power @10 ppm, OCR

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